BusinessX identifies sales prospects and helps you close sales

What is BusinessX : a fundamentally new way to grow your business

BusinessX’s prospect identification engine identifies daily prospects, while the platform provides your sales professionals the tools and intelligence to network, collaborate, qualify, and close sales.


Prospect Identification

BusinessX’s prospect identification engine identifies prospects on a daily basis for your sales professionals’ review. Your team can then review that Business' profile, chose to add to their sales pipeline, and engage.

Network and Collaborate

Sales professionals can network and collaborate with buyers and decision makers utilizing common social media tools including Private Messaging, Like and Comment. Those buyers and decision makers in turn are provided with tools to ask Questions, and send RFQs when you have generated interest.

Sales Automation

Once a prospect is identified, BusinessX’s SalesX application provides the customer relationship management, opportunity progression, and pipeline management tools, enabling sales professionals to advance sales and convert prospects to customers. SalesX eliminates manual data entry by automatically capturing all activities with the customer in the proper sales opportunity.