BusinessX identifies sales prospects and helps you close sales

SalesX: Convert Prospects to Customers

BusinessX comes with best practices tools to identify business prospects along with the tools and intelligence to track and convert prospects to customers.


Prospect Identification Engine

The prospect identification engine will automatically identify potential sales prospects for your sales professionals to review. In addition, your marketing and sales teams’ can use the engine to search, find, and target new business prospects on the BusinessX community.

Sales Automation

BusinessX automatically keeps business profiles and personal profiles current, avoiding time-consuming CRM updates. Further, it automatically captures all interactions, without the need of sales professionals to provide manual CRM entry, between your company and your prospect, including Conversations, Questions, Likes, Dislikes, Comments, and RFQs.

Contact History

Contact History enables sales reps to have a complete 360° view of their clients or prospects by capturing all interactions between their business and an individual. This 360° provides sales reps the needed insight to effectively develop and manage relationships and ensure customer loyalty.

Pipeline Analysis and Management

BusinessX provides a dashboard to view all sales opportunities in your business with the filtering ability to view the opportunities by sales rep, and/or by sales stage.


BusinessX supports your sales force by letting them assign tasks to others in your business, including priority and dues dates, to ensure they can track the efforts of the team and progress the sale.