Business X Member Privacy Statement

Last updated: January 2015

This privacy statement summarizes how Business X collects, uses, discloses and retains your personal information.

Business eXcellence International Inc. (Business X) brings business and their employees together in a unique community to provide unparalleled digital credibility, the ability to find prospects, and the tools to convert prospects to customers. A key element of the Business X Program is our data analytics and marketing capability to maximize our members' ability to identify and develop new customers. Business X is especially sensitive to the importance of the personal information that our members entrust us with. To maintain our members' trust and loyalty, we are committed to respecting their privacy and protecting their personal and business information.

For complete details, please consult the full text of our Privacy Policy.

What we collect

We collect identity and contact information when you register for Business X Membership. We also collect information through your participation in the Business X community for the purposes of identifying new prospects, improving the Business X user experience, and identifying new requirements and enhancing existing requirements.

How we use it

We use your business and personal information to administer Business X, better understand you and your business's needs, preferences, capabilities, and interests.

With whom we share it

Business X and its partners share your personal information in order to administer your membership account, and to provide customized information useful to you and your business's growth. Partners and suppliers are contractually obligated to maintain confidentiality, safeguard all information provided to them, and use the information disclosed to them only for Business Xrelated purposes.

How we protect it

Business X protects your personal data using a range of physical, operational and technological safeguards that prevent unauthorized access to and disclosure of it. When no longer required, personal information is destroyed, anonymized, or disposed of using secure methods.

Want to find out more?

If you still have questions, please review the full text of our Privacy Policy here.

You may also contact the Business X Privacy Officer, either by email at, or in writing to:

Business X Privacy Office
PO Box 1605 Holland Landing Stn Main
Holland Landing, ON, Canada L9N 1A0