BusinessX identifies sales prospects and helps you close sales

Business Community: Network & Collaborate with Credibility

At its core BusinessX is a business community where sales professionals can leverage tools to network and collaborate with buyers and decision makers utilizing common social media tools including Private Messaging, Like and Comment. Those buyers and decision makers in turn are provided with tools to ask Questions, and send RFQs when you have generated interest. Wrapped around this functionality, BusinessX understands that SMB’s require credibility when first establishing relationships and as a result it provides tools to showcase a business’ credibility by demonstrating their ecosystem of customers, partners, suppliers and testimonials.


Ease of Communication

Sales professionals can leverage the power and ease of communication capability of other social networks by listening to market feedback on their products and services, and then reaching out to interested prospects through Private Messages, Like and Comments and establishing sales opportunities. Such interaction builds relationships and provides the selling company insight on market sentiment to assist marketing and product departments in being responsive to market demand.

RFQ and Questions

Buyers and decision makers can ask Questions and issue RFQs to your sales professionals while BusinessX captures and tracks the creation and progression of sales opportunities automatically.

Establish Business Relation

Sales professionals can demonstrate the strength of their ecosystem by establishing customer, partner and/or supplier relationships with other companies which can only take place through mutual agreement.


Sales professionals can demonstrate their capability to retain satisfied customers and business partners by publishing their testimonials

Business Feed

Sales professionals can keep up to date with the progress of their prospects by subscribing to the business feed of that business.