BusinessX identifies sales prospects and helps you close sales

Our vision:

"To enable business growth by exhibiting their credibility, understanding their market, finding new prospects and converting prospects to customers."


BusinessX was built for today's reality where communities and business applications play a vital role in business growth. We take this one step further by creating a safe, verified, and credible, digital business community combined with applications to accelerate growth. BusinessX establishes a new channel for the B2B marketplace, tightly coupling published content to market response, to prospect identification, and then provides tools to convert prospects to customers. Along side the community BusinessX is a suite of innovative business applications that are easy to learn and will change how business is done!


BusinessX is a concept born out of its CEO Shawn Bayati, from his experience as owner and senior executive of three small and medium businesses, which have grown to operate across multiple continents. Despite being in different verticals and being successful in each, three central themes on his road to success as a Small and Medium Business (SMB) owner kept coming to the surface:

Focusing on the above problems led Shawn to think about solutions to make it easier for an SMB to grow sales by getting visibility and access to new markets while exhibiting credibility and being equipped with best practice applications that drive growth. BusinessX applications ensure real-time data updates without relying on data entry.

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